Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shout Out to Fit Women

I’m just going to be honest about it and tell you that the Olympics have officially taken over my life. I have no shame. I'll admit to watching something like (at least) 6 hours of coverage a day since the games began. I think I have officially spent more time watching the Olympics than sleeping. I’m even writing this while simultaneously catching up on figure skating. DVR is sometimes a curse.

I don’t feel bad about it. I’m AMERICAN. The Olympics is the greatest sporting event in the world. When an athlete goes down, it’s not a single athlete but an ENTIRE country. I cant count how many “Even the Russian judge is smiling!” jabs I’ve made in the past week. Seeing all the miniature flags on the screen, and waiting for the ol’ stars and stripes to start knockin’ ‘em down. Yelling at my TV as if someone besides my neighbors will hear me. I’m a yeller. Add that to the list of reasons why I shouldn’t attend the Olympics. That, and assuming I’d spend the whole trip looking for any women’s locker room are the main things keeping me from hopping the boarder for what Canada does best: Poutine.

Yes, I’m a yeller. Anyone who has a mother that can be heard distinctly from the outfield knows it’s not my fault. Being loud is sometimes a handicap, but luckily Twitter is handicap accessible. Twitter makes it possible for a couch critic like me to give my TV a break and tweet my shouts directly to your face, @catdeeley. I never thought about the Olympic athletes tweeting from the top of Whistler at the games, but they are!

One of my favorite Olympic tweeters is featured in of the many Olympic commercials. No, not one of those Morgan Freeman voice over VISA commercials that get to me every time. Maybe you too have seen it? The AT&T commercial featuring the GOR-geous American snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler. Am I the only one gets lost in that commercial? Not to mention Bleiler is…lets say captivating.

Don’t stare at her too long, you might go blind. Ooh that smile, girl! If you don’t know who she is, keep an eye out and remember that smile. Now, if you don’t know who Lindsey Vonn is you might be living under a rock. She has more coverage than Covergirl. If you’re a fan or you’ve happened to notice they’re both bangin fit you’ll be happy to know you can now holler @GretchenBleiler and @lindseyvonn on Twitter.

When it comes to making me proud to be an American, there’s also…the entire US Women’s Hockey Team. You might have seen them on Ellen. If you didn’t, just know that they really, really, really like Ellen. Why Ellen is still hosting her show and not enjoying locker room privileges is beyond me. If you are like me and wouldn’t turn down the chance to get physical with the US Hockey Team (or at least those Lamoureux twins) send your love through @AngelaRuggiero.

Ellen!? Lamoureux twins!

If you watch the gold medal game against Canada – you NEED to watch this game against Canada – you will see Ellen’s face flown by the American team upon winning. However it ends it will still be a great game. The kind of game I will be hoarse after. While fisticuffs aren’t aloud on the ice, this game is going to be intense and the two teams have had “scuffles” in the past.

Remember, if you cant be an athlete... be an athletic supporter. Shout your support (or subtle proposition followed by an ambiguous emoticon face) to your favorite fit women. When is the last time you talked to/hit on an Olympic athlete?

PS Remember this?

Maybe you should send @brandichastain a thank you. I’m just sayin’.