Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Woman of 2010

My first post of 2010 is important (to me). This post sets the tone for the whole new year! That might be a bit dramatic, but I'm excited about it. I wanted to pick a special lady I could keep my eye on in 2010. A woman who I'm dying to see more from. A woman... that makes me feel good!
Breath taking. Knee slapping. Amy Poehler.

I was a Poehler fan before Parks and Recreation. Her time on Saturday Night Live was priceless, but I dont think it is inaccurate to say she was familiar with Tina Fey's shadow. If I ever get to share a cab with one of them, hands-down, I hope its Miss Poehler. Dont get me wrong. I love me some Tina Fey. Baby Mama was one of the funniest movies of 2009, and if you disagree- you're wrong. Just thinking about Amy Poehler makes me smile. There's the beef. Indeed, she has the looks (and facial expressions to die for), but its her honest-to-goodness personality that lets me think we could be friends; perhaps one day (at least on twitter). She seems like the sort of braud that would always greet you with a strong hug and a laugh. My kind of woman.

This past season of Parks and Recreation was funnier and all around more enjoyable than The Office. More than once I was caught talking to the television; trying to inform Michael Scott that he was embarrassing me. Each week, I yearned for some Knope. That show had me laughing from start to finish. Can you dig it? Genius is the character Leslie Knope.

Somewhere toward the middle of the season something else had me grinning ear to ear. I think you know what I'm talking about. The friendship between Leslie Knope and Anne was coming out in full swing. I could not make it through an episode without saying, "They are so gay!". I watched wide-eyed all season for those subtle touches that made me scream like a little girl on the inside. Is my face red? Finally the episode came where the word came out: LESBIAN! I laughed so hard- you might have heard it. Even though they didn't dwell on it, I still think there's more to that story. Add that to all the above mentioned and that is why I will be watching Amy Poehler in 2010. There is more coming from these funny ladies. I never lie. Parks and Recreation returns January 14th.

Dont act like you don't want to see something happen with this:

A tip of the hat to you, Amy Poehler! Go on with your bad self!
I see you, girl!

New Years Eve - Old Memories

It is officially New Years Eve!

I haven't made many resolutions in the past, but its 2010! Science and technology are on my side. The purpose of the blog is an outlet for me to express myself. All of myself. Sure, my way of expressing myself is commenting on pop culture and the ironic happenings in my life--but its cheaper than therapy.

What better for my first post, than a tribute
to my first girl crush: Gillian Anderson

The first time I ever told anyone that Scully was my first girl crush they laughed. Maybe for good reason:

Scully was X-Files for me. Remember Scully? She was intelligent, emotionally tough, and she held her own. Not to mention girl looked good in that pantsuit. Who needed Mulder? Back in the X-Files days, I was red-faced every time my family gathered round to watch. I was embarrassed that I was attracted to a woman. I would tell myself that I wasn't attracted to them, they were just pretty, and I'd push it out of my head. When X-Files ended, Scully ended too. With our without Scully, after many years and many conversations with friends about "who we would be gay for", I admitted to myself that I like women. I had never felt more like a woman! Suddenly I was smiling for no reason at all- except that I was happy and free.

So, Gillian Anderson, thank you for that pantsuit, those pouty lips, and for something to write about.