Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blast from the Past

I would like to give you all an extra-special glimpse into my life. I have a pretty good sized record collection. It started as an innocent purchase, and now I have dedicated a wall to them. The first thing I see in the morning is this:

Out of all the interesting record covers acting as my wallpaper, this one steals my eye more than any other. Look at it! Who knew? There are so many things RIGHT with this photo that it should be a postage stamp or something. Look at those legs! I would like to use this photo to justify my wanting to bring back Keds. You don’t need the fro to pull it all off, but it helps. Not only that, but there is an entire spread of Babs in different poses sporting this little ensemble.

I mostly just wanted to share this with all of you; spread the butt-ah around. However, I thought I’d do a little searching for some other throw back hotties. For you:

I would wrestle with Rizzo

And who is this? Why thats Mary Tyler Moore. Lookin good MTM

Last but not least: Jane Fonda. Go on with your bad self.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Encourage This

You know what I love doing? Dancing! You know what I'm terrible at? Dancing.

I surrender to music. If its got a beat- I'm movin'. Unfortunately I have yet to learn how to use my arms and legs at the same time. That doesn't stop me from seat-bumpin while driving around town. I tend to shake my butt... too much. Usually, it takes me a few margaritas before I'm down to get the friction on, and then there's no going back. Thats why I love it when I learn a dance move. Something easy enough that a dork like me could do it. It just so happens this one I'm about to show you, is pretty fun too. You have probably seen this already, but if you haven't- let me introduce you to

Shakira -- Give it Up to Me
(skip to 1:36)

Now, the official music video is chalk full of some great moves... for pulling a muscle. Your hips may not lie, Shakira, but mine aren't fooling anyone. Which is exactly why I love this little dance move that I've been doing since I saw it. Did you catch the shoulder leans into the pelvic WOOs (3:07-3:14)? Its seven seconds of gold. Its so easy and fun to boot! Hell, you can even do it while driving! If I can do it, girl I know you can!

I encourage pelvic woos. Do you not?! Everyone should be able to shake it out, whether they have rhythm or not. So watch this video a few times, download this song, and rock your living room, girl. Then the next time this hip shaker hits your ears (in public or not), put your hands on your hips and throw your business out there. If you don't listen to me, then for goodness sake listen to Nietzsche: “We should consider everyday lost in which we don't dance."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gahed Girl

Sandra Bullock

Does this make you feel good? Maybe thats why Miss Bullock took home the Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress. I was going to count all the Bullock gold I own, but I'll just say she has her own shelf. Sandra Bullock is a bad ass! This past weekend I watched two of her movies: "The Proposal" and "All About Steve". I had been wanting to the see "The Proposal" if not for her then Betty White. Side Note: Whoever made that movie poster knows how to catch my eye. "All About Steve", I was concerned about, though I don't know why I ever doubted her. She never lets me down... even with that ending. She's a classic, okay?

Best of all: she's not going away! Peoples Choice is pretty literal. She trumped that broody girl from the "Twilight" series. Which is saying something considering she's like catnip for high schoolers. Anne Hathaway has grown on me in the past few years. She's got a smile for miles (plus there was that whole 99 thing). No comment for Drew. I was half-rooting for Jen Aniston; she'll be sexy till she ceases to exist, I'm assuming. How did Sandra do it? I'll tell you how. Girl can make driving a bus look sexy! Her makeup is like buttah. I know she can bring the drama, but its the sassy Sandra that I like. My favorite version of Sandra is best represented by "Miss Congeniality". I think I've given that movie about 200 hours of my life, and I don't regret it. If it comes on, I'm not gonna turn it! The scene where she walks out of the hanger post-makeover is worth it on its lonesome. Oh, and there are those two Golden Globes she's nominated for. So...

Gahed Girl!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turn it Up

Music makes my world go round. I’ll listen to anything as long as it makes me feel something. Nothing is better than driving anywhere with a good playlist. I’m no Barbra and the only instrument I’ve ever got close to playing was the piano. A week into piano lessons, my elderly teacher died. I took it as a sign. Without any real musical talent, I can still respect and admire a good song when I hear it.

Sometimes I want to rock out, bang my head, and sing as loud as I can. Sometimes, I sob-sing (I’m not that hard). The best songs are the ones you can lose yourself in. I like my music loud. I want to swim in it. I cannot remember how I found her, but she owned my speakers for practically a year when I bought her album “The Story”. She makes me want to sing out loud- real loud!

Brandi Carlile

Woo that voice! Girl, I like it. She was singing about my life! Cliché? I used to belt “The Story”. If you’ve heard it, you know the part I’m talking about. I wonder what my year would have been like without her music… I digress. You might have heard her music on “Greys Anatomy”, but that really doesn’t do it justice. Have a listen! It’s a party for your ears. So your eyes don’t feel left out:

I don’t know if you noticed, but she’s got something else working for her too. EVERYTHING. Have you ever wanted to be a guitar?

To wrap it up: Brandi Carlile has mad feeling in her music. I was a huge fan of “The Story” when it came out and her latest album, “Give Up the Ghost”, is a keeper too. Check out the song “Dreams”. If you don’t toe tap, you might want to get that checked out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kickin it with Amy

WHAT a weekend! Winter is not being my friend. I’ll admit that I complain about cold weather too much, but I don’t enjoy getting bitched-slapped by the wind. While trying to avoid the unfortunate weather I ended up basking in the warmth of Amy Adams.

I saw two of her movies this weekend. First, I watched "The Night at the Museum 2" for the heck of it and got my moneys worth. Miss Adams plays Amelia Earhart, and I can dig it. Lets just say it’s a film where you’ll like what you see. Girl made me think Amelia Earhart was sexy! I mean, I literally googled “Amelia Earharts ass”. Here it is for you:

I would like to encourage more of this.

I was dying to see the second movie I watched: "Sunshine Cleaning". I’ll pretty much watch any Amy Adams movie, but I thought this movie was going to be funny, and fancy-free. Wrong. It was pretty emotional. I love Alan Arkin, and Emily Blunt was brilliant.
I suspect next weekend we’ll meet again at “Leap Year”. What can I say? I love what she brings to the table!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Show Some Teeth-It's Saturday!

Why? Why not! Come on! Rachel Weisz, give us a smile

For the people in the back.

I'm not mad, but show us some teeth, girl

Smiles are contagious, no?