Thursday, July 15, 2010

So You Think You Can-Damn! Nice Ass!

If you aren't watching SYTYCD you are missing out. I promise. Just to prove it to you, here's three BIG ASS reasons why you should be watching:

Lauren Froderman

I picked her as my favorite during the auditions for the SYTYCD:

I knew I wasn't wrong. She's a pocketsized ball of adorkableness that I look forward to seeing every week, but this week she had my jaw on the floor. Laurens best assets is the number one reason you should be watching. Check it out:

Allison Holken

I never saw Allison dance in Season 2 but she's returned to be an All Star for season 7. I look forward to seeing her more than any of the other dancers, including Lauren. When she dances, she lives it:

Allison, has something... Maybe its her hair? Maybe its her overall fitness? Maybe the girl is just bangin'? You decide:

Making fun of Cat Deeley
My week just isn't the same without getting to make fun of Cat Deeley. Yeah, girl, I know its live TV- I'll give you that. However...her wadrobe is totally fair game, including hair and makeup. Cat Deeley is always doing or saying something wonky too.

Dates have been announced! So get your boxes of franzia ready and look here for the closest stop near you. Hang around after the show to get pictures with each of the dancers. You'll be surprised at how short everybody is. For real.