Monday, January 4, 2010

Kickin it with Amy

WHAT a weekend! Winter is not being my friend. I’ll admit that I complain about cold weather too much, but I don’t enjoy getting bitched-slapped by the wind. While trying to avoid the unfortunate weather I ended up basking in the warmth of Amy Adams.

I saw two of her movies this weekend. First, I watched "The Night at the Museum 2" for the heck of it and got my moneys worth. Miss Adams plays Amelia Earhart, and I can dig it. Lets just say it’s a film where you’ll like what you see. Girl made me think Amelia Earhart was sexy! I mean, I literally googled “Amelia Earharts ass”. Here it is for you:

I would like to encourage more of this.

I was dying to see the second movie I watched: "Sunshine Cleaning". I’ll pretty much watch any Amy Adams movie, but I thought this movie was going to be funny, and fancy-free. Wrong. It was pretty emotional. I love Alan Arkin, and Emily Blunt was brilliant.
I suspect next weekend we’ll meet again at “Leap Year”. What can I say? I love what she brings to the table!